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Hi !

Sorry to wake you from your slumber, but I would love to shamelessly pimp something that is near and dear to me - well, two things near and dear to me: 1) Me (love yourself!) and 2) JJ Abrams and the JJVerse.

I recently recorded an episode of my friend's awesome podcast, Tales from the Fandom. The episode was so long it had to be split into two and today's episode, focused on all things JJ Abrams (Felicity, Lost, Alias, Fringe, Star Trek, Star Wars) is up now for download. I'd love it if you guys checked it out (and the podcast in general is pretty fantastic - it deals with all sorts of fandoms).

Tomorrow's episode is focused on all things Joss Whedon, and I know some of you guys worship at his altar as well, so you may want to keep an eye out for that.

Anyway, thanks for allowing me my shamelessness, and I hope you all are well! Comment and say hi!

Download the Episode
Check out the Podcast


First of all, I want to thank all of you who came back and made this a really fun month! It was great seeing all of you again and seeing all the friendships rekindled. I hope you had fun!

And now, on to the results....

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Reverse Bingo!


Come in, chat, tell us about your day, leave sacrifices for the Randomizer, etc., etc. 

Update #1: Alternate-Astrid Farnsworth, James "Sawyer" Ford, Penny Widmore, Peter Bishop, Richard Alpert
Update #2: Anna Espinosa, Emerson Hauser, Gordon Dean, Jack Bristow, Vincent the Dog
Update #3: Captain Windmark, Kate Austen, Lincoln Lee, Nero, Rose Nadler 
Update #4: Director Kendall, Hikaru Sulu, McKenas Cole, Simon Foster, Thomas Jerome Newton
Update #5: Ana-Lucia Cortez, Claire Littleton, Jacob, John Scott, Tom Friendly
Update #6: Charlie Francis, Khan Noonien Singh, Nate, Sanford Harris, Steve Jenkins
Update #7: Ayel, Elena Derevko, James T. Kirk, Martin Keamy, The Man in Black
Update #8: Brandon Fayette, Gaila, Leslie Arzt, Rebecca Madsen, Sydney Bristow 
Update #9: Admiral Richard Barnett, Alternate-Charlie Francis, Christopher Pike, Edwin James, Goodwin Stanhope
Update #10: Irina Derevko, Jin Kwon, Nick Lane, Rachel Gibson, Rachel Matheson
Update #11: Aaron Pittman, Alternate-Walter Bishop, Etta Bishop, Nora Clayton, Zhang Lee
Update #12: Christian Shepard, Eric Weiss, Gene the Cow, Jack Shepard, Michael Dawson
Update #13: Alternate-Philip Broyles, Grace Beaumont, Katya Derevko, Marshall Flinkman, Shannon Rutherford 
Update #14: Alternate-Olivia Dunham, Arvin Sloane, Diego Soto, Philip Broyles, Sebastian Monroe 
Update #15: Cindy Chandler, John Locke, Julian Sark, Naomi Dorrit, Pavel Chekov 
Update #16: Daniel Faraday, David Robert Jones, Miles Straume, Olivia Dunham, Pierre Chang
Update #17: Alternate-Lincoln Lee, Ilana Verdansky, Maggie Foster, Montgomery Scott, Nikki Fernandez 
Update #18: Bernard Nadler, Boone Carlyle, Ella Dunham, Keenser, Marcus Dixon
Update #19: Edward Markham, Eloise Hawking, Ernest Cobb, Frank Stanton, Juliet Burke  
Update #20: Charlie Bernard, Ethan Rom, Nina Sharp, September, Sun Kwon 
Update #21: Alex Rousseau, Carrie Bowman, George Kirk, Leonard "Bones" McCoy, Will Tippin
Update #22: Alternate-Nina Sharp, December, Mr. Eko, Renee Rienne, Sayid Jarrah
Update #23: Elizabeth Bishop, Paolo, Thomas Grace, Tommy Madsen, William Bell 
Update #24: Amanda Grayson, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Milton Beauregard, Mitchell Loeb, Robert Lindsey 
Update #25: Desmond Hume, Jack Sylvane, Lauren Reed, Libby Smith, Lucy Banerjee
Update #26: Agent Blake, Charlie Pace, Danielle Rousseau, EB Tiller, Francie Calfo
Update #27: Arthur Devlin, Captain Robau, Miles Matheson, Spock, Stuart Radzinsky 
Update #28: Ben Linus, Frank Lapidus, Nyota Uhura, Sam Weiss, Tom Neville
Update #29: Ben Matheson, Charlie Matheson, Danny Matheson, Mikhail Bakunin, Sarek 
Update #30: Charles Widmore, Charlotte Lewis, Kelly Peyton, Matthew Abaddon, Winona Kirk 
Update #31: Astrid Farnsworth
Update #32: Ray Archer 

Which means... 


Emily Sloane 
Michael Vaughn 
Rachel Dunham 
Scott Jackson 
Steven Haladki 
Walt Lloyd 
Walter Bishop 



Under the Scavenger Hunt, I made a mistake.

The short story I need the author of is called: "To BUILD a Fire".

I've corrected it on all of your spreadsheets.

Challenge 19


Challenge: Starting from right now until 3 PM EST (about two hours only) in the dedicated post in your team community - comment as many times as you can (commenting with at least two words or at least one image). Every new comment thread in your community MUST have a comment in reply to it (NOT every comment period, but any time someone leaves a brand new comment to the post - i.e. "reply to post" not "reply to a comment"). look at this link if you are confused!! Any unresponded to threads will count for -20 comments (meaning if you accidentally leave one thread unresponded to, I will subtract 20 comments off your total. If you have 2, I will subtract 40, and so on and so forth).
Additionally, each team has a Google Docs spreadsheet in which they must supply a bunch of items from a Scavenger Hunt list! For every wrong or missing item, you receive - 20 comments.

Points: Since there is such a disparity in team #'s, I am making this an even playing field - Team Trek has 29 members, which is 26% more than Team Fringe, 12% more than Team Oceanic, and 21% more than Team Rambaldi - thus Team Trek will handicap the other teams those percentages of their total comments to be added on at the end (so if Trek ends with 100 comments, Fringe gets +26, Oceanic +12, Rambaldi +21). This should make it more fair. And since I am doing it this way, the prize is a flat amount: First Place gets +4 points, Second Place gets + 2 points, Third Place gets + 1 point, Fourth Place gets + .5 points.

Due: You have until 3 PM EST (see how much time you have left)

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I am going out with my family for breakfast at 10:30 AM, so there is a chance the Endurance challenge may be a few minutes late depending how long it takes. So just a heads up.

Multi-Fandom Bingo!


Update #1: Benjamin Linus, Carrie Mathison, Duke Crocker, Jenna Maroney, Moya (Farscape), Mulan, Rachel Matheson, Sofie (Carnivale), Spike (BtVS), Xander Harris
Update #2: Chloe Sullivan, Cora Crowley, Ethel Mertz, Ioulas, Kiera Cameron, Tony Hill, Wendy Watson
Update #3: Becka Valentine, Bree Van de Kamp, Cary Agos, Dick Casablancas, Grace Van Pelt, Jasper Sitwell, Kermit the Frog, Lisa Cuddy, Mr. Universe, Robin Scherbatsky
Update #4: Elwood P. Dowd, Julian Baker, Laura Palmer, Richard Castle, Sylar, Tami Taylor, Tardis
Update #5: Eric Taylor, George Sands, Killian Jones/Captain Hook, Nikita (La Femme Nikita, NOT CW Nikita), Pepper Potts, Thomas Barrow, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Update #6: Chandler Bing, Debra Morgan, Dexter Morgan, Donna Paulsen, Elijah Mikaelson, Remy "Thirteen" Hadley, Tom Haverford
Update #7: Donna Moss, Felicity Porter, Joey Potter, Kate Fox, Patrick Jane, Simon Tam, Victory "Vicki" Nelson
Update #8: Danielle Rousseau, Fiona Glennane, Kalinda Sharma, Lionel Luther, Sam Tyler, Samwise Gamgee, Sherlock Holmes
Update #9: Irina Derevko, John Sheppard, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Neal Caffrey, Penelope Garcia, Phil Coulson, Shannon Rutherford
Update #10:  Brooke Davis, Jean-Luc Picard, Katherine Pierce, Laurence Dominic, Mitch Larsen, Spock, William Adama
Update #11: B'Elanna Torres, Brian Kinney, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dwight Schrute, Jaime Lannister, Leonard "Bones" McCoy, Minion
Update #12: Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket, Arnold Vinick, Arthur (Inception), Eowyn, Klaus Mikaelson, Mohinder Suresh, The Middleman
Update #13: Allan A Dale, Camille Saroyan, Cookie Monster, Jack Shepard, Jane Rizzoli, Phoebe Halliwell, Tessa Altman
Update #14: Andy Dwyer, Burton "Gus" Guster, Cristina Yang, Gannicus, Leslie Bennett, Lydia Martin, Willow Rosenberg
Update #15: Evan Cross, Joan Watson, John Watson, Kaylee Frye, Maggie Greene, Mike "Spike" Scarlatti, Sydney Bristow
Update #16: Adalind Schade, Carrie Bowman, Clair Huxtable, Claudia Brown, Joey Tribbiani, Ricky Ricardo, Tobey Ziegler
Update #17: Anna (V), Charlie Pace, Emma Swan, Erica Evans, Hanna Marin, Matt Saracen, Rory Williams
Update #18: Aria Montgomery, Ben Wyatt, Cliff McCormack, Dug (Up), Katniss Everdeen, Lumpy Space Princess, Robb Stark
Update #19: Hazel Motes, Jaye Tyler, Laura Roslin, Luna Lovegood, Monroe (Grimm), Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Oscar the Grouch
Update #20: Bernard Black, Darken Rahl, Derek Hale, Emily Thorne, Georgia Lass, Nikola Tesla, Thor
Update #21: Caroline Channing, Liz Parker, Marta Shearing, Oliver Queen, Steve Urkel, Stevie Sutton, The Doctor 
Update #22: Charlie Young, Erica Reyes, Hans Landa, Harry "Opie" Winston, Kyle Hobbes, Lois Lane, Marty McFly, Monica Geller, Myka Bering, Richard Winters
Update #23: Abby Sciuto, Alternate-Olivia Dunham, Britta Perry, Calamity Jane, David Nolan/Prince Charming, Elizabeth Weir, Julian Sark, Stefan Salvatore
Update #24: Aragorn, Badger, Effy Stonem, Eli Gold, Garry Miller, Lemon Breeland, Rachel Gibson, Ray Person, Rodney McKay, Zack Morris
Update #25: Alternate-Lincoln Lee, Harry Kim, Jane Kerkovich-Williams, Jennifer "JJ" Jareau, Lincoln Lee, Matthew Crawley, Michelle McCluskey, Paul Ballard, Sarah Jane Smith, Zoe Hart
Update #26: Adelle deWitt, Alice (Resident Evil), Catelyn Stark, Cesare Borgia, Charles Xavier, Gaila, Josh Lyman, Mr. Papaya, Scott McCall, Veronica Palmer
Update #27: Eva (Center Stage), Galadriel, Kate Harper, Michael Lee, Petyr Baelish, Phantom of the Opera, Ray Vecchio, Ruby Rhod, Sam Seaborn, Tony DiNozzo
Update #28: Albus Dumbledore, Elizabeth Burke, Faramir, H.G. Wells, Jack Sparrow, Jane Foster, Jordan Catalano, Meghan Rotundi, Sun Kwon, Walter Bishop
Update #29: Caroline Forbes, Cersei Lannister, Eddard Stark, Emma Peel, Fox Mulder, Jaqen H'gar, Jules Callaghan, Juliet Burke, Kate Austen, Marion Ravenwood
Update #30: Dana Scully, Hank Schrader, Harvey Specter, Jax Teller, Logan Echolls, Miles O'Brian, Nandi, Regina Mills/The Evil Queen, Richard Cypher, Stannis Baratheon
Update #31: Benji Dunn, Elizabeth Bennett, Elizabeth Swann, Fili, Gene Hunt, Ida (The Middleman), Lauren Reed, Mindy Lahiri, Rose Tyler, Scorpius
Update #32: Abby Maitland, Bester, Crowley, Jack Bauer, Nikita, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Peter Bishop, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Spencer Hastings, Varys
Update #33: Alex Drake, Andrea (The Walking Dead), Doc Cochran, Edith Crowley, Fiona Gallagher, Haley James Scott, John Locke, Rajesh Koothrappali, Ron Weasley, Ruby/Little Red Riding Hood
Update #34: Ace (Doctor Who), Ana Lucia Cortez, Charlie Mathison, Helen Magnus, Karl "Helo" Agathon, Kilo, Lorne Krevlornswath, Miss Parker, Olivia Dunham, Rupert Giles
Update #35: Aaron Cross, Alec Hardison, Annie Edison, Cordelia Chase, Damon Salvatore, David Robert Jones, Leo Dane, Leslie Shay, Nell Jones, Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Winnie the Pooh
Update #36: Alicia Florrick, Brad Williams, Diane Lockhart, Evidence Crocker, Gandalf the Grey, Jeff Winger, Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, Liv Malone, River Tam, Schmidt, Timothy McGee
Update #37: Amy Pond, Buffy Summers, Eric Northman, Javier Esposito, Jessica Day, Jessica Fletcher, Luna Garza, Miranda, Phoebe Buffay, Wade Kinsella, Will Riker, Zane Donovan
Update #38: Alexandra Udinov, Angel, Charlie Francis, Claudia "CJ" Cregg, Claudia Donovan, Daniel Jackson, Danny Concannon, Kate Beckett, Sarah Walker, Teddy Altman, Topher Brink, Vala Mal Doran
Update #39: Anita Blake, April Ludgate, Elphaba, James "Sawyer" Ford, Marguerite Krux, Marshall  Mann, Mary Crawley, Michael Samuelle, Neytiri, Rebecca Locke, Shane McCutcheon, Winston Bishop
Update #40: Bigby Wolf, Boyd Crowder, Brenda Leigh Johnson, Freddie Lyon, Jack O'Neill, Jessica Pearson, Khal Drogo, Lillian "Lily" Charles, Lindsay Monroe, Lucrezia Borgia, Robin Hood, Steve Zissou
Update #41: Alison Cameron, Allison Argent, Buster Bluth, Gemma Teller Morrow, Jackson Campbell, Lex Luthor, Lix Storm, Loki, Malcolm Reynolds, Margaret Hooper, Sharon "Athena" Agathon, Tess Vargas
Update #42: Bela Talbot, Christian Troy, Elena Gilbert, Eli "Weevil" Navarro, Erik Lensherr, Jenna Hamilton, Jesse Pinkman, Nancy Botwin, Nyota Uhura, Piper Halliwell, Sophie Devereaux,Troy Barnes
Update #43: Cara Mason, Castiel, Chuck Bartowski, Greg Lestrade, Lizzie Bennet, Malcolm Tucker, Maura Isles, Pam Beesly, Phil Dunphy, Sarah Connor, Tara Thornton
Update #44: Cece Myers, Daniel Faraday, Grace Augustine, Hannibal Lecter, Hellboy, Leslie Knope, Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin, Nick Miller, Regina (Six Degrees), Temeraire
Update #45: Abed Nadir, Caprica Six, Eugene Sledge, Jefferson/Mad Hatter, Julian Bashir, Laurie Keller, Olivia Benson, Paul Atreides, Sam Braddock, Wall-e
Update #46: Hikaru Sulu, James T. Kirk, Jayne Cobb, Lee Adama, Leo McGarry, Melisandre, Nathan Wuornos, Nick Lane, Simon Bellamy, Steve Rogers/Captain America
Update #47: Bel Rowley, Bruce Banner/Incredible Hulk, Chloe (Don't Trust the B-), Maggie Simpson, Michonne, Mike Ross, Painted Doll, Roy Trenneman, Sarah O'Brien, Susannah Dean
Update #48: Claire FIsher, Dawn Summers, Irene Adler, Leia Organa, Martha Jones, Mary Margaret Blanchard/Snow White, Max Black, Shawn Spencer, Veronica Mars, YoSaffBridge
Update #49: Faith Lehane, Greedo, Gwen deMarco, Marian of Knighton, Nolan Ross, Owen Harper, Peregrin Took, Remus Lupin, River Song, Sara Sidle
Update #50: Alice Morgan, Anamaria (Pirates of the...), Arthur Pendragon, Carol Fitzpatrick, Hoban "Wash" Washburne, Jack Harkness, John Luther, Julie Finlay, Michael Vaughn, Morgana Pendragon
Update #51: Annabeth Schott, Bellatrix Lestrange, Buzz Lightyear, Draco Malfoy, Finn the Human, Harold Finch, Maria DeLuca, Penny Hartz, Teyla Emmagan, Yoda
Update #52: Dylan Weir, Gabriela Dawson, Georgia Mason, Jack Bristow, Jon Snow, Lafayette Reynolds, Richard Alpert, Sansa Stark, Sophia Peletier, Wes Mitchell
Update #53: Bilbo Baggins, Donna Pinciotti, Gene the Cow, Graverobber, Jane Eyre, Kensi Blye, Mike Wazowski, Nate Ford, The Grinch, Zukash
Update #54: Amber Holt, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Harry Potter, Matthew Santos, Merlin, Mona Vanderwaal, Peter Petrelli, Santana Lopez, Spencer Reid, Tara Maclay
Update #55: Alex Kerkovich, Caleb (Monarch Cove), Jim Moriarty, Little Finger (already called as Petyr Baelish, but in case they're looking for that name), Lucille Bluth, Lydia Bennet, Pinkie Pie, Rayna James, Tara Knowles-Teller, Ted Crisp, Yoshi
Update #56: Addison Montgomery, Ariadne (Inception), Jack (A Fantastic Fear of Everything), Jackson Whittemore, Marceline Abadeer, Murphy McManus, Owen Elliot, Patty Hewes, Sebastian Monroe,Tom Paris
Update #57: Audrey Parker, Blair Waldorf, Brienne of Tarth, Connor McManus, Frank Lapidus, Haymith Abernathy, Hermione Granger, Parker (Leverage),  Sybil Crawley, Terri Coverley
Update #58: Aurora/Sleeping Beauty, Daryl Dixon, Gwen Cooper, Jo Harvelle, John Mitchell, Legolas, Liz Sherman, Shosanna Dreyfus, The Master, Victoria Grayson
Update #59: Beemo, Count Duckula, Lewis Nixon, Marty Deeks, Pacey Witter, Pam de Beaufort (True Blood), Poison Ivy, Ron Swanson, Valerie Frizzle, Zoe Washburne

Names are called 10 every 5 minutes

First Bingo: messdestruction (Team Fringe)
Second Bingo: fulminant (Team Oceanic)
Third Bingo: mad_carrie (Team Rambaldi)
Fourth Bingo: runawaytomars (Team Rambaldi) 
Fifth Bingo: revengent (Team Oceanic)